How do you activate your will?

When working with young people that need to get back on track because they are drop outs we often say their will is aching. They cannot start on anything because they don’t know what they want to do, they cabbnot plan more than a couple of says ahead, so when I ask what they think they do in three or five years’ time, they just look at me with their empty sight and think I am from another planet. How stupid can you get asking such a question?

i try to tell them they have to set their sight on something and walk in that direction. The Cat in Alice in Wonderland says something like: “If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there”. This has some depth that not all juveniles catch. Very funny. Did a cat say that?

Sarcasm aside.

I have come to some sort of conclusion that the will, this wonderful intellectual faculty that we have won’t work if we don’t have a goal. The goal is what activates our will. The will takes us through fire and water, in pursuit of our goal.

Have you ever been madly in love. Thought of what that does to you. You’ll do anything to the one you’re in love with, or to please him or her.

If you can mobilize the same feelings toward a goal, that will be the spark that ignites your will. You’ll become unstoppable.

These 20-year-olds don’t have goals. That’s the problem. That’s why they are at a stand-still. Whatever road they’re taking is unfortunately not the high road.

I am working hard to make them realize this.

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