Welcome to my universe. I am so happy you have made it here, and it’s probably for a reason.

It could just be you have landed here because there is something troubling you. Are you thrown into a sudden and unexpected change in your life? About to start an involuntary transition? It happens to all of us during our lifespan. Oftentimes solutions and direction forward seem hard to spot. That’s very common. In these situations your mind is spinning fast, mostly about the past. It’s no fast forward, it’s fast backwards. And quite frankly – and you probably don’t want to hear this – whatever your current circumstance; the past is no place to be.

So if you’re currently troubled by some involuntary change that you think will influence your life in some direction you don’t control, you have come to the right place. I can help you successfully navigate your coming transition. I understand this is something you have not initiated or even want, just been thrown into, but for a good future life (and believe me, it’s there at the other end) you have to address it. You have to enter into the transition. Transitions are processes. That’s where I come in.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

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